Dabdoub Family History

Welcome to the Dabdoub Family History website which will take you back in time. Enjoy browsing through!


This web site will try to focus on the origin of the family name Dabdoub which originated in Bethlehem around the end of the sixteenth century.  It starts off by giving a brief history of the city of Bethlehem and the clans that inhabited it. Then it takes the reader to the details and anecdotes about the Tarajmeh clan, of which the family Dabdoub is one member.

Some interesting elements in this site include the chronicle of events (including social happenings: births, christening, weddings, deaths, burials, etc.) in Bethlehem throughout time.  These vents  were mainly compiled from both (1) my personal family genealogy database which i have been compiling in a special genealogy/family tree software and which to date has over 800 names; and (2) the social information collected from the local newspapers.

There is also also the section on the milestones that helped shape the city.

This web site is far from being complete and will continue to grow with time as it collects more information on the city of Bethlehem and its citizens.

Through this web site, I hope to be able to engrave the rich culture of the people of Bethlehem and to have all the Bethlehemites in the Diaspora join their hands and efforts, and contribute to enriching the history within it in order to eternalize it.

Enjoy browsing!