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Great site ! :)

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Audelia Mahchi de Dabdoub

I am Audelia Mahchi , wife of Jose Mario Dabdoub son of Philip Dabdoub junior .I love history and my children are Dabdoub , my husband "s gran father came from New york to Honduras .C.a he married Wadia Sikafy .He had several brothers and sisters .my father
remembers as a child a Dabdoub gentleman who visited his father Selim who was also from bethlehem , he has never forget this man because to him he looked like a bear , what he remembers the most was his big hands and huge feet . it is impressive how many Dabdoub
are around the world , the Palestinian community where I live always remember a Doctor from Palestine a very dear doctor , so each time they hear my name they ask if I am related to him .

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Joey Back

Really nice site :)

4. Jan, 2018

Eduardo Dueri

Dear Andre

My name is Eduardo Dueri (Dweiri) and just wanted to send you a small note to congratulate and thank you for the wonderful work made on the Dabdoub web page. It is so refreshing and important to all of us to recreate the histroy of all the Bethlehem families.
I will be in Amman mid January and would try to obtain more relevant information on our common and proud history

Kind regards

8. Oct, 2017

Jack Siriani

Thanks for a great source of information. Does anyone know the meaning of "Bethlehem"? Its a Syriac word meaning "Bakery" or "the bread baking place"

Jack Siriani (Shishan of Bethlehem)

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This website is very interesting to see. the article was interesting to read. hopefully article in the post is always helpful to the readers of this website.

29. Jun, 2015

Rene Valenzuela

Hello, My name is Rene Javier Valenzuela Cantu, my father is Rene Javier Valenzuela Dabdoub. I'm writing a memory book with the history of the family back only to the time the first Dabdoub came from Bethlehem via New York in the 1800's. Thank you for
sharing your investigations and knowledge.