8. Oct, 2017

Jack Siriani

Thanks for a great source of information. Does anyone know the meaning of "Bethlehem"? Its a Syriac word meaning "Bakery" or "the bread baking place"

Jack Siriani (Shishan of Bethlehem)

Website 18. Jun, 2016

Kyle Oleynik

The background looks like an outline of the United States.

Website 19. Feb, 2016

septi pratiwi

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Website 5. Feb, 2016


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29. Jun, 2015

Rene Valenzuela

Hello, My name is Rene Javier Valenzuela Cantu, my father is Rene Javier Valenzuela Dabdoub. I'm writing a memory book with the history of the family back only to the time the first Dabdoub came from Bethlehem via New York in the 1800's. Thank you for
sharing your investigations and knowledge.